At Jumbo it’s important to us that our customers have a seamless experience with their skip bin. We know you’re busy worrying about your project! The waste disposal solution should assist in making this process easier. To help we have put together a new blog outlining the top 5 mistakes to avoid when hiring a Jumbo skip bin! 

The last thing you want is for the truck to arrive and to be unable to load the bin! Or to inform you that you’re in for additional fees due to banned items. Interested? Read On. 

Mistake 1. Not Estimating The Correct Bin Size 

Before you hire a skip bin you need to calculate the amount of waste that you have to dispose of. We commonly see customers underestimate the size of the bin that they will need. Especially for first time hirers. That pile of waste stacks up quickly!! 

If in doubt, our team recommends that you size up for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you will always be able to find more waste to fill the bin!! It’s also more cost effective to hire a couple more square metres than to hire a second bin in the instance that you run out of space. It also means you will get the job done and cleaned up faster. 

For a quick guide on how to calculate the size of the skip bin that you are going to need, click here

Mistake 2. Not Checking Council & Government Permits And Regulations 

In some instances you will need a permit for the placement of your skip. Depending on the type of site you are working on and its location, there could be legal requirements. Most regulations apply based on where you want the bin positioned. If you need to place the skip bin: 

  • On a nature strip or footpath, a permit may be required
  • On a road or in a public parking area, a permit will definitely be required

Please check with your local council to understand the legislation in your area. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines which are easily avoided! 

We recommend that you also consider whether you need a permit for your waste type: 

Regulations apply to “regulated waste” as stipulated by the state government for different materials. One example of this is asbestos. To learn more about hazardous waste and disallowed items, see “Mistake 4” below. 

Mistake 3. Overloading the Skip Bin 

We understand that you want to get all waste disposed of asap, plus maximise the bin by making sure you fill it! However, please be aware that load limits do apply! There are two ways bins can be overloaded:

  • Overfilling the bin volume, ie leaving items protruding from within the bin
  • Overloading beyond the weight limit

Overloading the bin volume means that items will need to be unloaded in order for the truck to safely secure and remove the load. A second skip bin will then be required. 

Overloading the truck by weight limit is a safety concern and may damage equipment including the bin and truck.The weight limit/ working load limit varies depending on the size of the bin you hire. When booking, discuss your needs with our expert team to ensure that you hire the appropriate capacity for your needs.

Mistake 4. Not Considering Hazardous Waste & Disallowed Items 

Please be aware of what is considered hazardous waste. In some cases hazardous waste cannot be disposed of in your skip bin and in other instances (eg. asbestos) you need to book a specific bin. 

We have previously written a blog outlining what is considered hazardous waste and how to appropriately dispose of those items which can’t be put into a skip ibn. Be aware that third party information is constantly updated, we have provided links to the appropriate regulators and websites for your convenience. Find the article here

Trying to hide disallowed items under other waste will not work and can also be dangerous to our team members! 

Mistake 5. Not Considering Rental Duration 

Make sure to consider how long you will need the Jumbo skip bin. All our skip bins come with 7 days of hire included and the option to request collection before this time. It’s always nice to have the waste removed as soon as you are ready! 

If you are seeking to have the bin on site for a longer duration – speak to our team prior to booking. There are additional costs involved that you will need to consider. 

Many customers make the mistake of forgetting  to extend the hire until the day it is scheduled for pickup, by which time it is often too late, and a fee will now likely apply.  It is always best to call and extend at least one day before the scheduled pickup date.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the 5 mistakes to avoid when hiring a Jumbo skip bin. For more answers to our FAQs, you can refer to our website here