So you’re ready to dispose of a big pile of waste, BUT find yourself putting off the final booking because you’re asking yourself “what size skip bin do I need?” You are not alone. 

We get it, it’s an important question and one of our most frequently asked. We’ve put together a guide to help you select the right size skip for the most common jobs we see come through the doors at Jumbo. 

If your mind works like a calculator and you don’t need any pictures painted (good for you, you rare creature), the equation to calculate your bin is based on your pile of rubbish – length x width x height (calculate using meters). 

For the rest of us who work better with visuals, we’re going to go ahead and paint you a picture instead. 

Household cleanups

Household cleanups are one of the most common jobs we see in the residential market. For a home cleanup we recommend hiring one of our 3 – 6m general waste skip bins. 

Before hiring, consider how many large items need to go into the bin. If you are disposing of a number of large items such as a couch, fridge, washer/dryer or mattresses then you will need to hire a larger bin (6m recommended). Smaller items can fit in and around these core pieces. 

A 3m bin is approximately equal to 3 enclosed trailers or 12 regular wheelie bins – like what you put out for your weekly recycle collection. 

A 4m bin is  approximately equal to 4 enclosed trailers or 16 regular wheelie bins. 

A 6m bin is approximately equal to 6 enclosed trailers or 24 regular wheelie bins. 

Our team is available (and happy) to chat on the phone to understand how many large items you have and therefore which bin might be most suitable. 

We will add that when cleaning out your home, there is often more than you realise that could go. For this reason, if you are on the line about which size skip bin to hire we would always suggest going for the larger bin. It is much more cost effective than hiring a second skip and 9 times out of 10 you will find something extra laying around to fill the space. 

Home Renovations 

Home renovations, whether DIY or by a contractor, are another of the most common jobs that we see at Jumbo Skip Bins. We generally recommend a 6m – 10m skip bin for renovations to keep on site as you work. 

Wheelbarrow doors are available and can be useful for this type of job. Learn more here about skip bins with wheelbarrow doors. 

A 6m bin is approximately equal to 6 enclosed trailers or 24 regular wheelie bins. 

A 8m bin is approximately equal to 8 enclosed trailers or 32 regular wheelie bins. 

A 10m bin is approximately equal to 10 enclosed trailers or 40 regular wheelie bins. 

Larger Construction Sites 

On construction sites, If room allows, we recommend that you hire a Hook Bin. Hook bins are ideal given they come in 10m – 20m capacities. An added benefit is that one end of the bin is a door and therefore you can walk into the bin and stack waste more effectively than throwing it over the top. 

For more on Hook Bins you can read our recent blog post ‘Everything to know about Hook Bins’ here

If room onsite is more limited, we recommend our regular skip bins in a larger size, 6m – 10m. 

A 10m Hook bin is approximately equal to 10 enclosed trailers or 40 regular wheelie bins. 

A 12m Hook bin is approximately equal to 12 enclosed trailers or 48 regular wheelie bins. 

A 15m Hook bin is approximately equal to 13 enclosed trailers or 60 regular wheelie bins. 

A 20m Hook bin is approximately equal to 20 enclosed trailers or 80 regular wheelie bins. 

Final Words 

Finally, we want to reiterate our golden rule. If you are unsure, we always recommend going up a size because it will save you a considerable amount of time and money than if you end up requiring a second skip to complete your job. Happy customer equals a happy Jumbo team. 

This blog was written to assist those who are asking themselves the question, “what size skip bin do I need?’. We hope these approximations make it easy to get rid of that big pile of waste once and for all. 

REMINDER: There may be more room in the bin but there are still weight limits to what can be picked up and carried by our trucks.

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