Here in Brisbane we have just recorded the hottest summer on record with 30 straight days of temperatures over 30 degrees. While many of us were enjoying and making the most of the longer hot summer days, Queensland was desperate for rain which arrived in the form of Cyclone Debbie at the end of March. Here in South East Queensland we were at the tail end of the cyclone, and although we did not experience the strong winds and devastation that many parts of far North Queensland did, many areas of Brisbane and its surrounds suffered severe flooding which will take many months to clean up. Many of our customers have hired Jumbo Skip Bins for this purpose

Jumbo Skip Bins

We here at Jumbo Skip Bins have had a busy few weeks with many customers hiring our Skip Bins to clear up the storm damage left behind by Debbie, as well as servicing our regular customers many of whom are in the building trade.  For instance Soberon Property Development Pty Ltd who are making huge progress on their block of units in Woody Point, and Jumbo Skip Bins have been on call for their regular skip bin change overs.  See below for a picture.

Now that the cooler weather is upon us ,the relentless humidity gone and we are moving in to the drier time of the year for many of us it is time to get out in to the garden once again and clean up our yards and  prepare our gardens for Spring, Jumbo Skip Bins can help you with this.

Clean up now and your plants will have a better chance of thriving once Spring arrives. Plants are pruned to improve their shape, maintain good health and encourage flowering and bushy growth once the warmer weather arrives.

Winter is the best time to prune as most plants are dormant or approaching the end of the flowering season, so consider hiring one of our Skip Bins to help you clean up and let us take over the hard work of disposing of it for you.

Jumbo Skip Bins has several options of Skip Bin for hire suitable for a range of  uses.

We offer bins that can handle light to heavy duty waste. e.g green garden waste or heavy duty waste such as soil, concrete and bricks.

Below is a range of our bin sizes:

  • Skip Bins in sizes 2 to 8 cubic meters,
  • Forklift Tipping Bins 1 cubic meter
  • Crane Bins of 1.5 to 4 cubic meters
  • Walk in Skip Bins which have a ramp door allowing easy access to walk in or push a wheelbarrow in to.

So, PUT A JUMBO IN YOUR YARD TODAY and hire a Skip Bin suitable for your needs whether it is a garden tidy up or perhaps it is time to think about that house renovation.

We at Jumbo Skip bins continue to offer a prompt, reliable service that keeps even our youngest customers happy and we are sure you will be too.

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