When you have a skip bin delivered you may be hesitant about potential damage to your home. Rest assured, we know exactly how to help you avoid skip impact to your property. Whether that be positioned in your driveway, lawn or another surface. 

Many of you have put much time, effort and TLC into curating beautiful lawns. We understand that you don’t want them damaged by a skip sitting on the surface.  Especially for an extended period of time. The quick and easy solution is to raise the skip on lengths of timber, bricks or besser blocks. Lawns will get indentations however this is the best way to avoid more significant impact. 

If it’s been raining and the lawns are easily muddied this is a particularly worthwhile measure to take. Unfortunately, our trucks may cause some damage to lawns whilst loading and unloading the skip bin. Generally this occurs only when we’ve seen rain. But we tend to see the lawn regenerate quickly from the truck as compared to what a skip could do if not set in a raised position. 

The same trick applies to driveways and other surfaces. Generally paved areas are fine however if you have tiles or other more fragile surfaces, the safest thing to do is place lengths of timber in the position where the skip bin is to sit. The lengths of timber will need to match the size of the bin you are having delivered in order to effectively do the job! 

Ensuring adequate clearance is the other golden rule to avoiding any property or site damage. Upon delivery the Jumbo bins truck will reverse up to the desired position for the skip. The bin then comes off the back and the driver can exit forward. 

Please note that if the truck needs to turn, the driver will need additional swing room. Clearance height needs to be 5m (at least). It’s imperative that the clearance requirements are met, Jumbo is not responsible for any damage incurred when reversing where we are directed. 

Once your skip bin is delivered and positioned it’s important not to move it. This is because you then run the risk that upon collection the truck will not be able to access the bin. As this is the case we recommend that you select a drop off position and take the above mentioned measures to reduce impact. 

Wondering whether you can have your skip bin positioned on the footpath or road? You may require a permit from your local council if you wish for the bin to be placed in a position that is not private property. 

Pathways will still need adequate pedestrian access and depending on your region you may or may not be able to use the road. Refer to your local council for information specifically related to your site.

Brisbane City Council

Moreton Bay Council

Hopefully these tips are helpful. You should now feel confident you will avoid skip damage at your property. We look forward to a smooth delivery and collection with you soon! 

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