Like many other businesses in the Moreton Bay Region, Jumbo Skip Bins are keeping a keen eye on the latest news out of the Caboolture West Development or Waraba.

We’ve recently dug into the data to find out what we can about what’s coming up so that we can start to prepare our operations for additional demand in the region.

Since many of our customers and followers include local residents and businesses also preparing for the new development (or simply curious about what all the excitement is about!), we thought it might be helpful to share some of the highlights…

Caboolture West: The Basics

Satellite map of the Caboolture West area with a stylised overlay showing Waraba.


First of all, let’s dive into the basics of the Caboolture West Development. 

Caboolture West is a new development area in Moreton Bay that will consist of a main city suburb (Waraba) and four surrounding suburbs, Lilywood, Wagtail Grove, Greenstone, and Corymbia. It’s located in an area that’s currently (mostly) rural farmland just west of Caboolture South and Bellmere.

The Scale of Caboolture West

Caboolture West is going to be big. The Caboolture West Structure Plan Summary indicates that the finished project will house 68,700 residents across 3580 HA. To understand the significance of this development and what the end product might look like, here’s some existing suburbs in Moreton Bay to compare the numbers:



Land area

Caboolture West


3580 HA



434 HA

North Lakes


1165 HA



4450 HA



6870 HA

What’s Getting Constructed?

The finished project is expected to include over 26,900 dwellings, with land registration and construction expected to begin soon. But as with any new suburb of this size, Waraba will also require plenty of supporting infrastructure, display villages, shopping centres, schools, and medical facilities. 

So far, plans include 9 primary schools, 6 secondary schools, a TAFE, and a private hospital. Plus, the new Bruce Highway Western Alternative is set to be constructed through Caboolture West. Along with this, various existing infrastructure and connecting roads are set for upgrades starting from late 2023.

Coming back to the scale of the development, the nearby North Harbour development in Burpengary East is expected to include just 3,000 homes and a population of 7,000 on its 785 hectares when complete. Geographically, Caboolture West is 4.5 times larger than North Harbour — and will house around 9 times more people.

Waste Management for Caboolture West

Infographic showing construction and household waste projections for Caboolture West/Waraba


We’re not sure about you, but all this talk of construction and population growth has got us thinking about waste. After all, constructing houses and building infrastructure on this scale requires significant waste management resources and planning. Plus, a whole lot of ongoing services to manage household and commercial waste after people and businesses move into the area.

So, how much waste is Caboolture west likely to produce?

Let’s start with what we know.

We find that construction on an average Australian home fills around three of our 6m3 skip bins. This means that across Caboolture West’s 26,900 new dwellings, we might expect to see a grand total of 484,200m3 of construction waste. Of course, this waste will be spread out over the 40-year development timeline. But on average, we’d expect around 232m3 of C&D waste coming out of Waraba every week.

It’s trickier to put a number on waste produced by the infrastructure, shops, schools, medical facilities, and commercial buildings that will also be constructed. 

However, we can estimate ongoing household waste from the expected 68,700 residents. At an average of 10 kg of waste per person, Caboolture West could add an extra 687 tonnes of household waste every week.

It’s clear that the region will need efficient waste management to pave the way for construction, as well as ongoing support for the suburb as it grows. On top of this, waste management solutions must be designed to maximise resource recovery and minimise landfill, ensuring that the new development and growing population is managed sustainably.

Jumbo Skip Bins is Ready for Growth in our Region

Staff members of Jumbo Skip Bins standing in front of waste removal trucks


We’ve been busy scaling up our operations and getting ready for the massive growth in our region to continue. This has included investing in more bins, adding two new trucks to our fleet (just in the last year), streamlining our systems, and bringing more waste management experts onto our team. 

And as always, our green approach means that we aim to recover or recycle as much as possible of the waste we process (especially via our partnership with Moreton Bay Recycling).

Based in Narangba and servicing the Moreton Bay Region and beyond, we’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the new Caboolture West suburbs…

So, if you’re a developer, builder, landscaper, or other business looking for a local waste management solution for projects in Caboolture West… reach out to our team! With 4.9 stars and over 120 ratings on Google, we’re known for our friendliness, reliability, and value for money.