Today we come to the Jumbo Blog celebrating our clients’ achievements. What a nice thought to be able to boast about what your mates are doing in the world! 

Habitat Development Group have recently completed a landmark residential project on the Sunshine Coast and Soberon Property Developments are on track to deliver yet another luxury residential development at Woody Point, Redcliffe in April 2023. 

As many of you know, Jumbo is a family owned and operated business. Our director, Rory, began with a truck and a promise – to deliver exceptional service. The commitment to our values have fuelled the growth of the Jumbo across SEQ over the past 5 years. 

Working in a family business like Jumbo you come to see the meaning behind the words, customer appreciation. Both Soberon and Habitat Developments have been loyal partners since the beginning. We are truly proud to have provided the waste solutions for these featured projects. 

Market Lane Apartments and SOHO Terraces

Above, an artist’s impression of the Market Lane Apartments and SOHO Terraces by Habitat Development Group. 

Habitat Development Group recently completed the Market Lane Apartments and SOHO’s Terraces in Maroochydore on The Sunshine Coast. Of course, Habitat always delivers beautiful luxury apartments (at affordable prices) however what’s extra special about this development is that it integrates Australia’s first Underground Waste Disposal System. 

Over the past 5 years the 6.5km system of underground pipes has been installed under a section of Maroochydore. The High-tech underground pipes transport waste out of the Maroochydore city centre at up to 70kmh through the underground vacuum pipes. 

The Market Lane residences are the first households to integrate the system. Inlets in the basement of the apartment complex connect directly into the state of the art infrastructure, removing waste through underground pipes to a control centre on the perimeter of the CBD.

The Swedish Designed System is implemented in conjunction with Envac Group and offers environmental benefits, eliminating the need for garbage truck collections and making for a safer, cleaner and more pleasant urban environment. The technology also has a track record of increasing recycling rates helping the natural environment to flourish. 

The underground technology has been implemented globally in new urban developments across Stockholm, Seoul, Barcelona, London, Singapore and Beijing. 

Visit Habitat here to view the Market Land residences.  

Visit Envac Group here to learn more about the underground waste removal system. 

Exterior shot of Morada Residences by Soberon Property Group

Above, an artist’s impression of  Morada by Soberon. 

Soberon Property Developments is well underway to deliver their next residential project, Morada, located at Woody Point, Redcliffe, QLD. 

Spanish for “Abode’, Morada will offer 44 luxury apartments and is due to be completed in April 2023. The development will be the 12th project delivered by Father Vincent and Sons, Steve and Richard Soberon on the Redcliffe Peninsula and follows the Spanish theme with previous developments including Solero, Alegria, Arena and Solimar. 

Soberon is uniquely an Owner/ Builder meaning that they are one of the few local Property Developers who deliver their own projects and do not work for others. Originally based in Brisbane, they completed a dozen projects in areas such as Hawthorne, Bulimba and Herston before they made the sea change.  

Together, Vincent, Steve and Richard made the decision to relocate the company to the Redcliffe Peninsula some 20 years ago. They recognised that the Brisbane market was becoming increasingly saturated and saw the potential in locating to the seaside region. 

‘Back in 2000, locals had a different view of Redcliffe but Brisbane residents were starting to see it as an ideal area to live with an ocean breeze and still be within reasonable distance to Brisbane City.’ says Richard. He also explains the timing has proven to be ideal. 

“Redcliffe has experienced huge growth and a demographic change over the years since then. The offering we deliver is different to that which we were building in Brisbane. Buyers secure an ocean breeze and additional space compared to what they would get if they were purchasing in Brisbane. Purchasing an apartment in Brisbane you might get 2 bedrooms, 1 car park but for an equivalent price you may get 3 bed 2 car park in Redcliffe’. 

We can’t wait to see Morada completed and occupied! 

To view the Morada development you can visit their website here

 To learn more about Soberon Development Group you can visit their website here

Thanks for joining us to celebrate our clients achievements. We continue to be impressed with our partners and thoroughly sharing their wins with you.

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