Jumbo Skip Bins Spring Cleaning Tips

With the changing of the seasons we wake from our winter slumber and start to feel a renewed energy. Thank goodness. The weather gets warmer, the days longer and keeping good habits and routines seems to be that much easier. 

As the energy becomes more vibrant with the blooming of nature all around us, it’s the perfect time to give our homes a thorough deep clean. Many of us also need to tend to our wonderful but overgrown gardens so that they may prosper over the summer. 

Spring cleaning is a term that can bring mixed emotions, rightly so! It can be a dreaded task because it certainly takes some elbow grease, but never will you undertake a spring clean without feeling a deep satisfaction after a task well done. 

Setting aside a day or two to really tackle the job thoroughly you will truly feel like you have a new home. If it’s been years since your home has had a good spring clean it can feel overwhelming for sure but don’t put it off another year. 

If committing a day or two isn’t possible, set aside a couple of 2- 3 hour blocks where you can make the magic happen.  

Here are a few steps to make the task easier for you: 

Have a list 

Create a list of everything you want to get through and chunk it down. The bigger (more overwhelming tasks) can be great to do first as you feel like you’ve achieved a lot quickly which will inspire you to keep going. 

Prepare everything you need to have on hand 

Mops, buckets, sponges, clothes, cleaning products. When you get started you don’t want to have to stop to run to the shops for forgotten items. Set yourself up for maximum flow. 

Consider converting a home office

Over the past year and a half many of us have had to begin working from home, at least on a part time basis. While you’re at it, why not consider cleaning out the spare room or storage room to make way for a home office.

Call in help 

If you have large and heavy items to move make sure you call in help in advance so that you get through the tasks desired without over exertion or injury. 

Hire a skip

For convenience and efficiency it’s worth hiring a skip. All of the unneeded items pile up more quickly than we expect and having a skip on site means that the clean will be completed by the time the weekend is out. No trip to the tip needed. 

The best type of bin for this job will be one of our General Waste Bins. Jumbo skips ensure that general waste is sorted and recyclable materials separated as much as possible. 

Make it fun and reward yourself 

Make sure your speakers are charged, get the tunes pumping and have some good food and beverages in the fridge to kick back after a hard days work. 

Don’t forget the backyard

The green waste cuttings pile up faster than you may realise. Take it from someone with 2 piles of fallen palms in their yard. Plan ahead and order a green waste skip bin to make sure the job is complete by the end of the weekend. And rest assured knowing that jumbo Skip Bins Mulches and composts all green waste. Good for the planet, good for your conscience. 

For help calculating the best size bin for your job, please just give us a call and the expert team will talk you through it.

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