Hiring a skip – how does it work? Great question and one we hear from first time customers very frequently. When hiring a skip is a new experience, of course you’ll want some guidance around how to get started. Here is our guide for you, 5 easy steps to hiring a skip bin. 

Step One. Calculate the amount of rubbish you have.

The first thing we advise new customers to do is make a list of all the items you need to dispose of so that you can start to paint a mental picture of the size of the waste pile (Don’t forget the um and arh items, Because once you start clearing out it starts to become therapeutic). 

On the Jumbo bins home page we have correlated bin sizes to the equivalent number of wheelie bins or trailers. This guide is very useful to visualize how much rubbish you have as compared to the waste capacity of each bin size. 

Once you are clear on the pile of waste to dispose of and have reviewed these comparisons you will have a feel for the skip size best suited to your task. To view the wheelie bin, trailer and skip comparisons, click here

Step Two. Select your bin size and type

You’re now ready to select the bin size and type. When it comes to the type of bin, there are regular skips, regular skips with wheelbarrow doors and hook bins. 

Regular skips come in sizes 2m – 10m, they have sloped walls and can be hired for all waste types. 

Regular skips with wheelbarrow doors come in 3m – 8m and have sloping walls the way a regular skip bin does. The difference is that they have a door opening along one end large enough for entry with a wheelbarrow or other small machines. This is handy when it comes to disposing of large amounts of waste like dirt or soil. 

Hook bins on the other hand come in sizes – 12m – 20m and have straight sides. One end of the bin acts as a door opening so that you can walk into the bin and stack rubbish. Hook bins are ideal for larger jobs and in scenarios when you want to be able to maximise waste space by arranging materials carefully. Read more about when hook bins are the best choice here

Step Three. Book and pay online or over the phone 

Booking with us at Jumbo over the phone during our hours of operation or online. If you know which skip bin you wish to book and would prefer not to speak to a team member,  you can book your skip through our website here. Jumbo bins have partnered with OpenPay if you prefer to set up a payment plan. Typical Visa, Mastercard and AMEX payment options are also available powered by Square Payments. 

Step Four. Receive your skip bin at the scheduled delivery date

Our drivers will deliver your skip to the selected location at the date requested. We can also offer delivery time frames of 3 to 4 hour windows. If you require this service make sure to tell us ASAP.

 We recommend checking out this blog to understand how to prepare for the delivery including clearance space required and tips to avoid impact to lawns, driveways and other surfaces. 

Step Five. Bin gets collected 

Hiring with Jumbo Skip bins gives you 7 days hire included, however if you would like the skip bin collected earlier, just notify our team of the desired collection date and this can be arranged. 

We hope that this post has been useful to first time customers. Hiring a skip – how does it work? Was written to take the uncertainty out of the hiring process for you. 

To book online head to our bookings page here

For more helpful information like 5 easy steps to booking a skip bin, visit the Jumbo Bins blog here