If you are considering hiring a skip bin for the first time you will have a few big questions about where and how to get started. As part of our Jumbo Skip Bins blog articles, we aim to break down the FAQs of our first time customers in order to help you book the right bin quickly and easily. In this article focus on the financials for you and we unpack the question we hear so often, “How much does it cost to hire a skip bin?”

With the rising cost of living, we understand that now more than ever you will want to weigh up all of the bulk waste disposal options available to you and make the smartest choice. 


Types of Skip Hire by Skip Bin Size 

Read on as we unpack all of the most common skip bin cost myths and bulk waste disposal options, including the advertised hire costs, hidden costs and pros and cons when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness of each. 

1) Mini Skip Bins

Mini skips, or small skips, are advertised as the “cheapest skip” and come at a lower base price. However, there are a few drawbacks that you will want to be aware of to ensure they don’t cost you more in the long run. 

Mini skips are often much too small for the amount of waste generated even in the residential sector. Often, they are so small that they cannot even get a fraction of the job done for which they were intended. The end results being that you will either be left with waste to dispose of yourself or will need to hire a second mini skip. 

If you are considering a mini skip bin, we also recommend that you double check the bin dimensions. For example, a mini skip advertised as 2m can sometimes lead you to believe that that bin is 2m long. The reality is that bins for hire are advertised in metres cubed. A 2m cubed skip bin is much smaller than a skip bin that is 2m in length.


2) Skip Bags 

Skip Bags

Another bulk waste disposal alternative you may be considering are skip bags. On the surface they do appear to be a more cost effective option. You can buy them at places like Bunnings or online at a fraction of the price of a skip and you would be forgiven for thinking that the purchase price of the bag is all that you will have to pay. 

However, be aware that additional costs will be incurred. Once you’ve filled your bag with your waste you will have to call a collection company and pay for the pickup and disposal. They are often used for green waste 

From feedback and experience we can also offer you the following advice: 

  • Skip bags have a much lower weight limit than skip bins – you may need a few bags to dispose of your waste which further adds to the bottom line. 
  • Skip bags don’t stand up or hold their shape which can, in many cases, make them incredibly difficult to fill. 
  • The bags are known to often tear or fail completely, especially if they’ve been sitting for a while which is often the case because of the above issues.


3) Mobile Skips or Trailer Skips 

Mobile Skip

Another option you may find in your research process is mobile skips, also called trailer skips, such as those that you can hire from Bunnings. A few points worth considering before choosing to hire a mobile skip are: 

  • They always have much lower weight limits.
  • They can be difficult to place in restricted access locations. For example smaller narrower openings or high access points. 
  • The nature of the build eg. trailer frame and wheels means that your access to the bin is more restricted than if you were using a regular skip bin. 
  • The trailers are more prone to damage by machinery, vehicles, etc than regular skip bin. 
  • The trailer/wheels/parts are more prone to theft and/or vandalism.


4) On-Site Rubbish Cages 

Rubbish Cage on Construction Site

If you are on a construction site, you may also consider setting up a rubbish cage rather than hiring a skip bin. There are a number of Pro’s and Con’s to this solution – in fact we’ve previously written a whole blog about skip bins vs rubbish cages


5) Skip Bin Hire Costs – Price Comparisons

Jumbo Skip Bin and Truck

Now that we have covered all of the alternatives, you may be clear that a regular skip bin is going to be the most efficient and effective way to dispose of your waste and have, therefore, their benefits. The cost to hire a skip bin depends on the size of the bin but there may also be price differences between suppliers. 

We know that there are many providers who will try to hook you with the cheapest advertised price. Our advice is that you dig a little deeper to ensure that you avoid mistakes and are not being capped with inclusions, and hidden charges. 

Commonly cheaper prices will include: 

  • Shorter hire periods or higher rates for extensions
  • Much lower weight limits and therefore lower capacity 
  • Often high pro rata charges for extra weight
  • More restrictions on material types
  • Extra costs for a lot of materials

It’s also important to be aware that smaller companies often only have one small (old) delivery truck meaning that breakdowns occur resulting in long delays – not ideal when you are on a time limit. Smaller Trucks also have a lower load limit capacity meaning heavier bins can’t be lifted.

At Jumbo we offer skip bins ranging from 2m – 8m3 and Hook Bins from 10m – 20m3. We pride ourselves on being able to offer competitive prices while keeping our customer service at a high-quality standard. In fact, we have a 4.9 Star Google Reviews rating from over 160 past customers. 


Conclusion: The Cost of Hiring a Skip Bin Depends on the Bin Size and the Hiring Period (Among Other Factors)

In a nutshell, the skip bin hire prices depend on many factors like:

Some skip hire businesses offer flexible hiring fees depending on how many weeks of hire services you’ve stipulated. Get a quick online quote on the final cost, make a booking via our booking page, give us a call on 1800 458 626 or e-mail [email protected]

If you have more questions, why not check out our FAQs page – there’s a good chance we have you covered.