An Easy 6 Step Guide To Hire Your First Skip Bin 

If you’re wondering how to order a skip bin for the first time, some of your questions may include the following. What size bin do you need? What type of waste can you dispose of? How long do you get to keep the bin? 

This step by step guide on how to order a skip bin will help you to feel confident that you have the right bin arriving at the right time to get your job done.

Making your booking is the easy part. When you are ready to order your skip you can use the booking form on our website here or give the office a call on 1800 458 626 and our friendly staff can lock it in for your required dates. 

But before you get to that point, we know you’ll want to have the following information decided. 

What size bin do I need? 

It’s a question we get a lot, as you can imagine, so we’ve compiled a few prompts to help you with your calculations. 

  • Do you have indoor or outdoor material to dispose of? 
  • How large are the items?
  • Do you have the time and willingness to break it down into smaller pieces (more will fit per bin if broken down) 
  • Remember the calculation for cubic meters: length x width x height 
  • Play it safe and slightly overestimate the size you think you need (It’s always better to have more, than not enough)  

And don’t forget about load limits. Just because more material can fit in the bin doesn’t mean it should! If the load limit is exceeded the bin becomes too heavy for us to collect leading to excess charges for multiple visits. 

Load limit general guidelines 

  • General dirt and concrete is about 1.5T per cubic metre
  • Compacted dirt up to 2T per cubic metre 

Load limits are not there to make you like harder but for the safety of yourself, our operators and the other people on the roads while we transport your waste. 

A helpful comparison estimate is that a 2M bin is the equivalent of 8 wheelie bins or 2 box trailers. To view the comparisons across all bin sizes click here. This guide is an estimate only. 

What type of bin do I need? 

At Jumbo we offer 5 different types of bins

  • General Household Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Dirt and Soil
  • Construction and Demolition 
  • Concrete, masonry and hardfill

It is important to choose the right bin and take care not to mix items across bins so that the processing is not disrupted which will lead to additional charges (totally avoidable). 

Prices are the same for all waste types however prices vary per bin size. 

How do I pay for my skip? 

Full payment for your skip bin is required prior to delivery. 

  • Online you can pay by Credit Card; or 
  • Over the Phone we are able to accept Credit Card or Open Pay. 

Preparing for the bin to arrive

Ensure you are ready for delivery by choosing the position and making sure that it is accessible. 

Our trucks require the following clearance: 

Skip Trucks 

  • Width at least 3 metres 
  • Height for a skip truck 4m 

Hook Bin Trucks 

  • Height for hook bins 4.5 metres 
  • 15m whilst dropping it off the truck (because it slides off the rear) 

The bin can be placed in any accessible location on your worksite or property. It must be within your property (not on the road).

How long can I keep the bin? 

Our skip bins come with 1 week hire as a standard timeframe with the option to pay for additional time on site. If you need the bin gone before the week is out, no problem. We can collect the bin as soon as you are ready and this can be arranged with our office staff. 

How to avoid additional fees – we don’t want to charge them!

  • Avoid prohibited items (Full list here
  • Don’t mix waste types 
  • Be aware of the load limits and don’t overfill
  • Do not obstruct or block the bin, especially on drop off and collection days
  • Don’t fill above the rim – the bins need to be safe to carry on the road 

Overfilled bins will require more than I trip from the Jumbo team which also leads to futile charges. 

Our priority is to get the job done efficiently and effectively with you the first time. Complying with the above requirements allows us to do so. 

We hope this short Blog article will give you a better understanding of how to order a skip bin.

For more information about ordering your skip refer to our FAQs here or give our friendly team of experts a call, they are always happy to talk you through it. Check us out on Facebook here.