Illegal rubbish dumping. the facts

Every year, Tax Payers spend enormous amounts money to clean up litter and waste caused by illegal rubbish dumping.

Leaving items on the footpath (outside of collection days) or outside a charity bin or shop is also classed as illegal rubbish dumping. This costs charities and tax payers thousands of dollars to clean up.

Why is illegal rubbish dumping a problem?

Health and Safety Impacts

  • Attract disease vectors such as rodents, insects (including mosquitoes) and other vermin:
  • Block waterways and storm water drains, increasing the potential for flooding and erosion:
  • Safety and potential fire hazards:
  • Harm and/or kill wildlife e.g. suffocating birds or aquatic life:

Even unlikely materials such as soil and garden waste contribute to litter and dumping issues by spreading pests and weeds, including fire ants and lantana.

Economic Impacts

  • Reduce property value and impact regional investment:
  • Promote other antisocial and illegal activities:
  • Decrease community pride and attract further dumping:

Littering and illegal dumping significantly diminishes the image of the region’s public places and local communities by making them appear dirty, uncared for or unpleasant to be in.  Fewer visitors will be attracted to unappealing communities and public places which reduces economic growth within the region.

Maximum Penalties for Individuals in QLD

Dangerous Material Littering


General Littering


Illegal dumping more than 2500L of waste



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