We are excited to share with you that Jumbo Bins is now a member of The Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR). This means that we are now aligned with 2 key industry bodies in WMRR and Waste and Recycling Industry Association of Queensland (WRIQ).

In light of this news, I made it my mission to pin down our Managing Director, Rory Crundall, in order to understand more about his vision and mission when he embarked on the journey of building Jumbo Bins.

The company continues to strive towards improving our sustainability practices and I wanted to share with you, straight from the horse’s mouth, why at Jumbo we are committed to doing things differently in order to help the industry grow and evolve for the future of our country.

Rory shares that he had been working in the construction Industry long enough to form the view that when it came to waste management, things could be done better. He had seen innovation and improvement in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth but noticed that the industry was lagging behind in Brisbane.

Thus, Jumbo Bins was founded with a vision to improve on the way that things were being done in the Waste Industry in South East Queensland in terms of sustainability. Northside Brisbane was going through a construction boom and so it seemed like a good place to start!

Rory acknowledges that it has historically been challenging for businesses to implement more sustainable practices due to the financial viability. However, with foresight he saw the impending waste levy that was to come in Queensland meaning that the move towards recovery of valuable resources, recycling and more sustainable waste management practices was inevitable.

We are excited to be aligned with the following Industry bodies, to benefit from their training and insights and to network further with peers in the industry.

Jumbo Bins are now members with WMRR

WMRR is the only national peak body for the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Industry in Australia, which by the way is a $15bn dollar industry. They operate with the core purpose to facilitate sustainable waste and resource management across Australia.

The organisation does this primarily through leadership, collaboration and knowledge sharing. WMRR acts as the voice of our industry and is the group that the government consults when seeking industry views and input. They work to promote the value of our industry and to ensure the best possible outcomes for the industry and for members.

Waste Management is obviously a very broad industry and encompasses many elements. The range of categories include landfill, recycling and resource recovery, energy from waste, e-waste, organics, construction and demolition, commercial and industrial, hazardous and bio hazardous waste sectors.

At Jumbo we are excited to benefit from their training events and to enhance our network within the sector. Our team is passionate about innovating in order to provide the most sustainable and cutting edge services for Australia and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work more closely with Industry peers working towards the same vision.

Jumbo Bins are Members with WRIQ

Waste Recycling Industry Association for QLD (WRIQ) represents QLD businesses operating in the sector, supporting them to deliver safe and sustainable waste management services across the state.

WRIQ recognises that its members (including Jumbo Skip Bins) provide an essential community service for the state in the responsible handling, safe removal, processing, treatment and disposal of all wastes, including solid, liquid, regulated and hazardous materials.

WRIQ’s website is currently under construction however you can find them here on LinkedIn.

Jumbo Bins are now in Partnership with Moreton Bay Recycling

Some of you will be aware that Jumbo is now in partnership with Moreton Bay Recycling to offer better deals for customers through our synergy. Late last year we launched our new offering for clean concrete bins. These are available at reduced rates to customers. Read more about it on the Jumbo blog here.

Since Jan 2023, Jumbo and MBR have also been partnering to host a free End Of Month BBQ for all of our customers. The BBQ is held on the last Friday of each month with optional donations being contributed to a new charity of choice (by our team members) each month.

To keep up with the BBQ dates each month, tune into our social pages and follow along.

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