R U Ok Day 2022 is here!

R U OK Day is upon us and at Jumbo it’s an initiative we wholeheartedly support. 

Mental Health in the Construction Industry has been notoriously challenging and too many great men and women have been lost to mental health illness and disease. Thankfully, initiatives such as R U OK are helping to shift this trend. 

This wonderful organisation has set out to educate the public about how to recognise when it might be time to ask ‘Are You OK?’ We understand that a conversation like this can be overwhelming but rest assured, they also offer some fantastic tools, resources and strategies to enable you to have such a conversation. Topics covered include: 

  • Recognising when it’s time to ask – Are You OK
  • Getting ready to ask 
  • Tips on how to ask
  • They even have role plays

Team culture and wellbeing at Jumbo is so important to us. Our people are the lifeblood of our business. They keep our wheels turning – on the road and in the office. They also make sure that no day passes without a laugh of course! 

Helping with our mental health is our recent addition to the team. She is very well behaved, friendly and is certainly putting a smile on everyone’s dial. Although the boss says productivity may have dropped a little, I assured him that’s just temporary. 

Everyone – meet Billie. 

Jumbo skip bins company pet sitting on seat of waste removal truck


So today (and every day) don’t forget to take a moment to check in with those near and dear to you at home and at work. 

We say, let’s normalise speaking about mental health. Let us normalise asking for help and knowing how to check in with others when we see the red flags. If your gut is telling you there is something up, trust it! A conversation can change a life! You can access more information and training from R U OK on their website here.

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