At Jumbo Skip Bins we care about our planet which is why the reducing, reusing and recycling of materials that we collect is always at the forefront of our operations. In this blog we wanted to illuminate our approach to waste recycling, specifically the recycling of concrete waste at Jumbo. 

As you will know from previous Jumbo blogs, different waste types require different skip bins. This is because the processing of each type of material is unique. You may not know, but fortunately (for the planet) concrete waste is relatively easy to recycle and reuse. It’s nice to hear some good news right? 

The Construction and Demolition Waste guide tells us that (in 2006 – 2007) 52% of waste in Australia was recycled and of that percentage, 42% of it was from Construction and Demolition. Go team! 

At Jumbo, we have been partnering with Moreton Bay Recycling for years. By recycling concrete waste with MBR, we are keeping it out of landfill and at the same time allowing them to produce a reusable product which means that society is drawing less resources from our precious earth. A natural win-win scenario.

MBR then recycles the disused concrete into multiple different products that can be used in both the construction industry and around your house. Products include drainage aggregate from 7mm to 100mm, Crusher Dust, Under Slab (CBR15) and CBR80. 

Along with the recycling of ripped up concrete MBR also takes in Aggricrete this is the left over concrete from Agitator Trucks, this clean material is used to make their CBR80 product which is a mixture of Dust up to 20mm Aggregate. This product is highly used as an under road compacted base. 

But that’s not all of the upside. Did someone say cost savings? Further to the environmental benefits, by partnering with MBR we are able to keep our costs lower for our customers. Landfill charges are increasing year on year in order to incentivise businesses to be more mindful of environmental impacts and so by recycling concrete our customers aren’t on the receiving end of this inflation. 

Another key benefit of recycling your concrete is that it provides customers with affordable and sustainable concrete alternatives to quarry materials. Studies are currently being conducted on the usability of recycled aggregates in the production of new concrete instead of having to use quarry materials. If the studies findings are favourable, it would be another huge step forward for the recycling of concrete being used for not just light building works but also large buildings like skyscrapers, large apartment buildings, etc. 

This blog was written for those who are interested in understanding the process we take to recycling concrete waste at Jumbo. We look forward to sharing with you more on our sustainability practices in different areas of the business over time. 

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