To our dear community across Moreton Bay and Brisbane. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by the devastation of the recent floods that hit all of SEQ. What a chaotic and destructive time. We wanted to give you an update on our involvement at Jumbo with the SEQ floods cleanup effort.

The recovery effort has been huge! It has certainly had our team run off their toes. 

We are working around the clock to empty and process waste on the same day so that we can get our skips back onto sites and support our customers. The past week has taken us all over town, to homes, businesses, warehouses, offices and construction sites that are all dealing with the aftermath. 

Pictured here is our driver Barry at the Global Sourcing Solutions Warehouse in Milton, Brisbane. The team at GSS was hit badly with flood waters causing extensive damage to their stock and also their building structure. 

The team rallied with a group of 10 – 20 working over a number of days to get the damage cleared and disposed of. The internal walls stripped and salvaged items cleaned. And that was just the immediate work. A smaller team will be in action for weeks to come handling repairs and rebuilding. 

Another of our clients, a fresh produce distributor, was devastated and unfortunately had to dispose of almost 100 tonnes of fresh fruit and veg including massive amounts of avocados and bananas. 

Which bin type should you use for a flood cleanup? 

Given the large quantities of waste needing disposal, hook bins are the most suitable and in demand skips to get sites cleared up quickly. 

Our hook bins are the largest bins you can hire and range from 10m to 20m. They are unique as they have one end of the bin function as a door. This allows you full access to walk into the bin meaning you can stack it systematically to maximise space and use small machinery or wheelbarrows to fill it. 

For smaller cleanups where minor damage has occurred, our regular skip bins are suitable for use. Our regular skips range from 2m to 10m with the option to have a wheelbarrow door for ease of loading. Everyone wants to avoid paying for wasted space so if you can, crush and flatten as much waste as possible. This will allow you to fit more into the skip. 

We also advise to consider hiring a regular skip bin to choose the size up as in many cases there is more waste onsite than you first realise. It is more cost effective to hire a larger bin than to hire a second bin. 

What waste type do I need to use for my food cleanup? 

Based on the nature of the flood damage, our general waste bins or construction and demolition bins are the most commonly needed for flood cleanup jobs. 


All of our bins come with a 7 day hire period but can be collected sooner as per arrangements made with the bookings team.

Give the team in the office a call to book your bin on 1800 458 626. 

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