At Jumbo Bins we have a number of different specialised skip bin types allowing us to meet the varied needs of our customers. All of our specialised skip bins are constructed to engineer design ensuring that they meet all requirements both in terms of safety and functionality. 

Below is a list of the types of specialised skips on offer including features and ideal usage. 

Skip bins with wheelbarrow doors 

These bins are useful to many household customers who have a small to medium amount of waste but need ease of access. Particularly useful for landscaping jobs where large amounts of soil or green waste. Also useful for household cleanups where heavy items such as fridges need to be disposed of as you can walk them into the bin for safer disposal. 

  • Skip bins with wheelbarrow doors come in the following size options,3m, 4m, 6m. 
  • Because of the specialised nature, skip bins with wheelbarrow doors are available on request and are subject to availability. 

Hook bins with doors 

Doors are standard on all Hook Bins (Full swing open door 270 Degree opening) making hook bins ideal for construction sites who have large amounts of waste and want to be able to stack it with ease rather than toss rubbish over the top of the bin. They are most commonly used in construction, demolition and most recently for the flood cleanup. 

  • Hook bins come in the following sizes 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m

Skip Bins with forklift pockets

Our skip bins with forklift or telehandler pockets were purpose designed and constructed to meet the needs of one of our partners. Initially designed for the purpose of traveling on barges to Tangalooma Island Resort, these bins are also useful on building sites due to the ease of manoeuvrability. 

  • Skip bins with forklift or telehandler pockets come in the following size options 2m & 4m 

Crane-able skip bins

Crane-able skip bins are ideal for sites with limited space so they can move the bins in and out of places that our trucks wouldn’t be able to access. They are designed to be lifted up multi-story buildings and placed onto scaffolding landings. Additionally, they can and have been used in underground constructions. Jumbo crane-able bins were used in part of the cross river rail being lowered into the tunnels. Crane-able skip bins can still be emptied by our skip trucks. 

  • Craneable skip bins come in the following sizes 2m, 3m, 4m, 6m and 15m (crane-able hook bin)

Our crane-able bins are Crane Certified by All About Lifting and Safety Brisbane. 

Crane-able Site Bins

Crane-able site bins often have wheels on them so they can be pushed around floors on multilevel construction sites. They have forklift pockets so that they can be tipped by rotating telehandlers. 

These bins are designed and built more slimline to allow tighter access, for example through doorways. High quality caster wheels can be added to allow the bins to be pushed around site and through the building. 

Crane-able site bins are for site hire only and need to be emptied into a larger bin onsite by a crane or manitou with a rotating attachment (As these bins are not designed to be tipped by our trucks). 

  • Our crane-able site bins come in the following sizes 1.5m & 2m 

Wheeled plastic site bins are 

Wheeled plastic site bins for exactly that purpose. They don’t get lifted by crane but do have forklift pockets to allow for easy disposal using a manitou with a rotating attachment. They are great for wheeling through multi-story buildings in their fitout stages and have less chance of causing damage to the property while wheeling around due to their lightweight nature and slim design. If you need a waste solution whilst navigating narrow spaces on site, the wheeled plastic site bin is the answer for you. 

Subcontractors are tasked with emptying these bins into larger bins daily so that the rubbish can be removed in bulk in a regular skip. 

  • Wheeled plastic skip bins are available in 660L & 1100L bins
  • Additional option of Lids
  • We also offer the ability to purchase these bins out right.

In addition to the specialised bins outlined above, our standard skip bins can also generally be crane certified upon request. 2 – 6m and 12 and 15m hook bins.

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