Today we take a look at the specialised skip bins landscapers are using to save time, effort and resources on site. 

At Jumbo bins we have a diverse client base who use our skips for all kinds of jobs. From home clean ups and DIY renovations to new home builds and demolition projects. Landscapers in particular have found a clever use specifically for our skips with drop down wheelbarrow ramps. 

Every job involves an element of repetition. If you are a tradie that involves some repetitive physical exertion. A landscaping job may have tonnes of soil and dirt, old brickwork or concrete needing disposal. This quickly becomes hours of carting the old materials offsite and into a skip. 

So how can Jumbo help make your life easier? We have a limited number of custom built skip bins with drop down wheelbarrow access doors which double as ramps. 

How does this help a landscaper? 

Our clever customer like Synterra landscaping in Brisbane (pictured above) are using motorised loading equipment (wheelbarrows, dingoes etc) to carry heavy loads from the yard to the skip. The motorised machine carries the rubbish up the ramp through the drop door. The processes saves not only time but huge amounts of physical exertion. Always a positive to avoid injury in the workplace. 

Motorised machines can navigate tight access areas and will often fit down the side of a home. They wheel right into the bin making it a seamless process without the need to manually lift and unpack the load at the other end. 

Bins with a drop down wheelbarrow door are specialised so you need to specifically request it upon booking. At Jumbo Bins we have skips with wheelbarrow access doors available in 3m, 4m or 6m cubed sizes. 

Landscapers, whether you are replacing topsoil, removing old concrete slabs or paving perhaps from a pool area being upgraded – this clever combination is what you need in your life! 

Not a landscaper?

Keep in mind that bins with wheelbarrow doors are also great when disposing of heavy items that will be difficult to throw over the top of your skip bin, usually those which require 2 people to carry them. 

They are also great for the elderly and injured because you can walk in and gently place items down. And of course they are ideal for other trades professionals who have repetitive lifting tasks. 

Request when you book. 

As mentioned previously, a regular skip bin doesn’t have a wheelbarrow door. They are a luxury extra and need to be booked in advance. As such, there is limited availability so please call to chat and ensure that the size you are requiring is available on your preferred dates. 

Crane Certified Skips with Wheelbarrow Doors. 

Working on a high rise construction site? A number of our bins in this range are also certified to be crane lifted. Some of our customers like to use them at heights so that plastic wheeled bins can be emptied into a centralised skip for removal. 

Hook Bins. 

Not to be confused with wheelbarrow doors, hook bins also have doors but the whole end of the skip opens. This is required as the bins range from 12 – 15m in order to empty the bins.

We hope this article was useful and planted a new seed about skip bins for landscapers and their tradies who are looking to save time and energy day to day on site. 

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