If you’re new to hiring a skip bin you may begin your research with a trusty old Google search. Thousands across the nation each month are using the search engine to find “cheap skip bin hire near me”. We all love a good deal no matter what the economic climate! 

You may think it reasonable to assume that the cheapest advertised skip bin is in fact the best price skip bin! It’s not rocket science. However, perhaps unsurprisingly to some, there are companies out there baiting new clients with low advertised prices and a myriad of hidden charges. 

There is no denying it, times are tough. The ABS reports that over the twelve months to the September 2023 quarter, all LCIs rose between 5.3% and 9.0%. The last thing you want is a bad taste in your mouth (and an empty wallet) because of a sketchy marketing campaign. 

This month on the Jumbo Blog we are going to take a look behind the curtain to help you establish a true understanding of which skip bin company is really offering the most cost effective hire solution based on your waste disposal needs.


Lookout For Low Weight Limits

Weight limits on your skip bin are important! They are in place to ensure that our trucks can lift your bin safely upon collection. Overloading your bin presents the risk that the bin or truck may be damaged therefore overloaded bins will need the load reduced before the bin can be collected. 

Whilst Jumbo’s load limits are based on safety requirements, some companies will lower the limits so that additional charges are incurred bringing their margins back to where they need them. 

If you’re shopping around doing price comparisons it’s an important question to ask specifically so that you know whether you are comparing apples for apples.


Overly Restricted Waste Types

Be aware that cheap skip bin companies often restrict the type of waste that you can put in the bin. 

Across the industry, there are items which are disallowed in skip bins for safety reasons. You can review our previous blog on disallowed items which includes a list of the places that you can safely dispose of disallowed and dangerous items in the most environmentally conscious way. 

Outside of this list, some companies may go further and limit waste to general household waste and exclude categories like concrete and demolition as well as green waste. Opting for a skip hire service that accepts a broad range of waste types ensures greater convenience and flexibility.


Unadvertised Cartage Charges and Fuel Levies 

When booking a skip you are right to assume that delivery is included in the cost – in most cases! Some of the companies advertising cheap skip bins add charges for transport and delivery beyond a specific mileage distance. 

It’s a good idea to clarify that there are no additional fees that will be incurred based on your drop off location.


GST Inclusive or Exclusive 

At Jumbo GST is included in all of our advertised prices as we believe in full transparency. We are aware that there are advertisers excluding GST to hook new customers. Before you book what appears to be the best priced skip bin, make sure to ask the question! 


Will You Pay An Environmental Levy On Top? 

On 1 July 2019 the Queensland Government introduced a levy on waste received at all Queensland landfills. The intention behind this is to encourage a circular economy and recycling with waste only being sent to landfill. 

At larger reputable companies, the levy is included in the advertised cost of your skip bin. Again, we have found that some of the skip bin hire companies advertising cheap skip hire are adding the levy as an additional cost. 

The Wate levy is our final tip to help you ensure you are getting an accurate quote on the true cost of the skip bin you are about to book. 


Now it’s time for you to find the best skip for the job – with transparency! 

This blog was written for those new skip bin hire customers who may be researching cheap skip bin hire and at risk of being hooked by companies without transparent pricing lists. 

We hope it’s a handy list to assist you as you do your price comparisons to find the best team for your job!