Each job is different and will produce rubbish and waste specific to that project. When hiring a skip bin this is an important factor because it will determine the way that Jumbo processes and recycles waste. Therefore you need to know what sort of skip you will need for your waste type. 

In this blog we give you a quick and simple run down on the 5 types of skip bins you can hire from Jumbo so that you can identify which is the right one for you and your job. 

Mixed General Waste Skip 

A mixed or general waste bin is the most popular skip type for residential jobs like home or office clean ups. These bins are classified for light domestic and commercial waste and light construction waste. Mixed and general waste bins can also safely accept polystyrene (at no more than 10% of the bins volume), packaging, plastic, cardboard and timber pallets. 

Our team is frequently asked whether mattresses or tyres can go in a general waste bin. They are allowed however you need to notify our team when booking. Mattresses with spring incur an additional charge of $100 as they require specialised processing as they can jam the processing machines. Tyres on the other hand need to be separated and processed at specialised facilities as they can produce harmful toxins when processed incorrectly. 

To maximise the space in your general waste skip we recommend that you break down items as much as possible and if you are unsure on specific size we recommend choosing the size up. This ends up being more cost effective than taking a chance and requiring a second skip and if there is more space than anticipated you will almost certainly find some additional waste around the home or yard to throw in there. 

 We don’t find that load limits are an issue when it comes to mixed waste but remember do not fill above the rim. 

Concrete and Demolition (Mixed Heavy) 

Need to know what type of skip to use for your demo job? Our concrete and demolition bins are what you will use on job sites and take mixed/heavy, concrete and demolition waste as well as building, construction and renovation waste. In addition they can take sheet metal, steel, furniture and appliances, green waste, some brick and tile types and dry concrete.. 

Remember load limits and not to fill above the rim. 

  • 2m to 4m3 Bins are not limited by Weight but by Cubic Volume
  • 6m to 10m3 Bins are limited to 6T as this is as much as our Largest skip trucks can legally and safely carry on the road.
  • 12m to 15m3 Hook Bins are limited to 12T as this is the load limit the truck can carry.

Concrete, Masonry and Hard Fill 

The concrete, masonry and hard fill skip type is for heavy concrete, rubble and other masonry materials left after an extensive renovation or demolition. This is strictly accommodating of dry concrete, bricks, rocks, roof tiles, dry cement, pebbles and stones only. 

Load limits of these materials are estimated/averaged as follows;

  • Dry, Large Chunky Concrete (Sizeable gaps) ≈ 1.25 to 1.5T per m3
  • Dry, Concrete Rubble, Tiles (Small to no gaps) ≈ 1.5 to 2T per m3

Soil and Dirt 

Have you been landscaping?  Following extensive earthworks you’ll have mounds of soil and dirt that needs to be removed, A soil and dirt skip is the appropriate bin in this case. Please note the soil must be uncontaminated so that we can dispose of it safely. 

Load limits are important to remember with soil and dirt bins. Just because it can fit more in terms of capacity doesn’t mean it can be filled. In order to safely load and unload this waste load limits must be strictly adhered to. 

The largest bin we can provide for Soil and/or Concrete is a 4m3 as this will allow you to fill it water level with the rim on the bin. Just make sure to let our office know so we can make sure to send the correct truck size.

Load limits of these materials are estimated/averaged as follows;

  • Dry, Loose Fluffy Dirt ≈ 1.25 to 1.5T per m3
  • Wet, Dense, Clay/rocky Dirt ≈ 1.5 to 2T per m3

Green Waste 

Green waste bins are the skip you will need for your waste found around the garden. If you are looking to landscape your garden, install a pergola or tidy up the backyard this is likely to be the type of bin that you will require. Includes grass, leaves, tree trimmings, small branches, weeds, bark and lawn clippings. 

Chipping and mulching will allow you to fit more green waste into your skip. 

Prohibited items

The following items are not allowed in any skip bin or waste category:

  • Asbestos or hazardous materials
  • Gas bottles, fire extinguishers or pressurised containers
  • Food products or general kitchen waste
  • Liquids, paint, wet plaster, wet cement, wet concrete, etc.  (put it in a container to dry before the bin!)
  • Diseased or decaying animals/fauna or faecal matter

Click here to read our full list of prohibited items and guide on where to dispose of them instead. 

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