Here are the 4 Main Things to Consider When Hiring a Skip Bin

1. What kind of Waste do I have?

Your starting point when hiring a skip bin is to consider the kind of waste you will be filling it with. Different types of waste have different regulations meaning that the cost to dispose of your waste will vary depending on the project. On top of this, bins have varying designs for waste type – you don’t want to be stuck with an over full bin that cannot be easily removed from your property.

No doubt sticking to budget will be a key consideration for your project, thus knowing your rubbish type is the most important consideration.

To ensure that your quote is accurate it’s imperative you have the right information when ordering your bin. If you start the job and realise the type of rubbish is not what you first thought, there is potential to end up with a hefty and unexpected bill.

Here are some suggestions to help you hit the mark.

Are you renovating? In this case there may be a wide variety of materials. Will these materials likely be heavy?  In this case you will more than likely need a bin for Mixed Material Waste.

Are you landscaping? Do you only need to throw away a single type of material? In this case you may only need a Clean Waste Bin which is designed for a singular type of waste.

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2. What size of Skip Bin do I require?

Now that you’ve worked out what waste you have, it should be easier to estimate what size skip bin you’ll require. Here at Jumbo Skip Bins we measure our bins in cubic meters, Our smallest bin can hold up to 2 cubic meters & our largest 15 cubic meters. So there is bound to be a skip bin to suit your desires.

As a guideline, 1 Cubic Meter 4 Wheelie Bins 10 Std Wheelbarrow Loads 1 standard box trailer worth of rubbish

The price of a skip bin goes up as they go up in volume/bin size. Also take into consideration that each bin has a Working Load Limit (WLL) and if you exceed this limit you may be charged extra because the bins become very difficult to remove from site.

If you’re worried you might exceed the WLL go for the next size up or order two bins. It’s definitely well worth playing it safe in the beginning than getting caught out later on.

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3. Will I need a Permit for a Skip Bin/Placement?

Regulations around skip bins differ based on your location. For example, in Brisbane if you are hiring a skip bin to be placed on your own private residential property, you do not need a permit whereas the Moreton Bay area does. Be sure to consult your local council for requirements specific to your property.

If the bin needs to be placed on a footpath, there must still be pedestrian access and a council permit may be required. In this instance, Jumbo advises that you contact your local council to clarify the requirements as liability rests with the property owner.

Visit Brisbane City COuncil

4. Key safety precautions whilst using your Skip Bin.

Balance light and heavy items

It is critical to be mindful in the way that you load your skip. If the skip bin is loaded unevenly it may tip off the truck when being loaded or after it has been removed from site. This is dangerous both to you and the driver.

You want to avoid having all the heavy items to one side and the lighter items to the other. By filling the bin so that the heaviest materials are at the bottom, the centre of gravity on the bin will be lower making it safer.

Do not put dangerous or restricted material in the bin.

This includes asbestos, batteries, oil, gas bottles, explosives, biomedical materials, solvents, etc. Hazardous to yourself and others, can be harmful to the environment and can lead to legal charges.

Do not overfill the bin

It is illegal to carry overfilled bins as it becomes dangerous to transport. Ensure that you are aware of and comply with load limits, this will help you to avoid injury and excess charges.

Thanks for reading our tips on what to consider when hiring a skip bin or hook bin. For more helpful articles visit our BLOG or FACEBOOK PAGE.

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