How long can I keep the bin?

Our regular hire period is 7 days. This can be changed to suit your job site needs, just discuss it with our team upon booking.

What happens if you overfill the bin?

Bins can be filled to the top rail and no higher. In the case that the bin is overfilled, the excess contents will need to be removed. You may book another bin if you desire to accommodate the additional waste. Please be aware that in certain cases a Futile Charge may be payable if the bin can not be collected.

Which bins have wheelbarrow doors?

Our hook bins have a larger Working Load Limit and have a rear side swing opening door allowing you to tip heavier loads. We have a range of 3m and 4m cubed bins with wheelbarrow access doors – these specialised bins are available upon request when booking.The doors make it safer and easier on your back and Increase efficiency in disposing of heavier loads.

How much clearance is required to deliver the bin?

Our drivers require a minimum 3m width for the truck between gates, etc.

What is a hook bin?

A hook bin is stationary and needs to be moved by a hook lift truck. They are suitable for larger volumes of general waste and are wider with lower sides and a door for easier loading. Our hook bins range from 10m – 15m cubed.

How to calculate the size bin I need?

To estimate the size of the bin you will need to estimate the pile of rubbish and times length by width by height.

How quickly can I get my skip bin delivered?

24 hours notice is preferred so that Jumbo can ensure your bin is delivered on time. In some circumstances, same day delivery is available.

Where will the skip bin be placed?

Skip bins are generally placed within your property boundaries. The position needs to be safe and easily accessible for our drivers on both drop off and collection.

Can I place the bin on the footpath or road?

You may require a permit from your local council if you wish for the bin to be placed in a position that is not private property. Pathways will still need adequate pedestrian access and depending on your region you may or may not be able to use the road. Refer to your local council for information specifically related to your site.

What is the average sized skip bin used in a house cleanup?

3m to 6m cubed bins are the typical size used for a standard house cleanup.

How much notice do I need to give before my skip bin is collected?

24 hours notice is preferred so that Jumbo can ensure your bin is collected in a timely manner. If we aren’t informed of any earlier pickup dates we will collect the bins 7 days after drop off.

Can the bin be placed over a fence or retaining wall?

If you feel it’s accessible however the risk falls upon you if any damage is incurred during this act.

What's the weight limit I can put in the bins?

The weight limit/Working Load Limit varies depending on the size of the bin you hire. When booking, discuss your needs with our expert team to ensure that you hire the appropriate capacity for your needs.

What happens if someone else fills my bin?

The bin is your responsibility. We do recommend covering the bin when not in use and where possible, having the bin located within your property boundaries.

How big is the truck? Will it fit in our drive?

All our trucks need a minimum of 3m in width to fit past fences, sides of houses, etc. Also noting that the bins are loaded off the rear of the truck, If you think you have a narrow or short driveway, contact our experts and they will be able to assist as we have a few different size trucks.

Will the skip damage my driveway or grassed area?

If you are worried about the bins damaging/marking your driveway we can place the bin on wooden blocks so it doesn’t sit directly on the pavement.

Placing the bin on your grass for prolonged periods of time may cause some dead grass, another factor to consider is how wet the ground is and the weight of the materials going into the bin and whether the weight may leave dents in the grass/ground.

Do I need to be present upon pick up and delivery?

You are not required to be resent upon delivery and pick up, unless you require the bin to be placed within private property which cannot be accessed.

Will my waste be recycled?

Rest assured that as much waste as possible is recycled and that we are consistently improving our processes to increase this amount.

What do I do with materials that cannot go in the bin?

Materials that cannot be placed in the skip include Asbestos, Hazardous materials, gas bottles, fire extinguishers and other pressurised containers, food products, kitchen waste, liquids including paint, wet plaster, wet cement, wet concrete, dead animals or any faecal matter.

If you think there may be asbestos in your waste, you can contact the following authorities to understand more about how to handle the waste and arrange safe removal.


Queensland Health Asbestos Information

Australian Government Asbestos Information

Brisbane City Council Asbestos Disposal


For other hazardous materials, your local council will have select days throughout the year. For more detail, contact your local council or visit their website. 

Brisbane City Council
Moreton Bay Council