At Jumbo we are delighted to announce our new offering for clean concrete bins. This service is a super special one because we are in partnership with our good friends at Moreton Bay Recycling. The collaborations makes it uniquely possible for us to offer you reduces rates to recycle your concrete. So long as it is uncontaminated! Read on for all the details. 

Whether its a landscaping project, demolition works, civil work or on a construction site, clean concrete bins are a great choice to save you money and minimise environmental footprint. That’s what we call a win, win.  

At Jumbo we have always offered a concrete and demolition waste solution.  However, as the product is so dense and heavy, we’ve been constrained to offering smaller bin sizes. Until now, our concrete bins on offer included 2m, 3m and 4m sizes. 

Introducing 10m concrete skips! 

Along with the launch of the new services, we also have a brand new collection of specialised 10m skip bins (hook bins to be precise). The 10m bins offer ultimate efficiency on your job sites. They are purpose built bins with a hinge door at one end so it’s even easier to fill them.

The specialised 10m concrete bins are heavy duty, designed specifically for concrete and are the same size as a standard tipper truck. But, unlike a tipper, they can be kept on site for long stretches and also have the obvious benefit of ground level access for easier loading. This means that you can opt for a smaller loading machine that can drive in and out of the hook bin throughout the job. 

Clean concrete only!!

In order for us to pass on said cost savings, these bins must only be loaded with clean (uncontaminated) material. Clean concrete skips are taken directly to MBR for crushing and recycling. There are no exceptions to this. 

What is classified as clean concrete? 

  • Bricks
  • Roof tiles 
  • Pavers
  • We also allow steel reinforcing inside the concrete

Disallowed / contaminated materials: 

  • Ceramic tiles
  • General rubbish

What if you book a clean concrete bin but notice that the concrete is actually contaminated? 

No problem. Here are the 2 options, we highly recommend option 1. 

Option 1. 

Let us know in advance that the concrete is not clean and it’s easily fixed. You will be charged for regular concrete skip and the rubbish is taken to a separate facility for processing as it cannot be recycled. 

Option 2. 

If you try to hide contaminated concrete, when the bin is emptied at Moreton Bay Recycling, operations need to be halted and the bin reloaded (slow, tedious and costly. The contaminated waste then needs to be transferred to a separate processing facility. Needless to say you won’t like the excess charges incurred for this option. 

Book today and save.

The clean concrete skip offering is live and available for your upcoming jobs that will have clean concrete waste. You can book today and rest assured that you are getting the best value hire deal with the Jumbo and Moreton Bay Recycling teams. This exciting partnership is another initiative taken to endeavour to pass more cost savings on to you, our incredible customers. 

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